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Which Typeface Software Manager for Mac OS?

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I’m working on Mac Os 10.13 and I am still using Suitcase Fusion 7.

Recently, two companies offer the new version of their software manager:

  • FontExplorer X Pro 7
  • Extensis Suitcase Fusion 10

¶ I haven’t upgraded to Suitcase Fusion 8 and Suitcase Fusion 9 because I didn’t like the new presentation.

¶ I will upgrade to Mac Os 10.14 and Mac Os 10.15 in 2020.

Any help is welcome.


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Ralf Herrmann

I guess there are all good mature products. I guess it would come down to either personal preference or special requierments. 

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Kevin Thompson

Suitcase Fusion is moving to a subscription service (upwards of $80 a year), and the most current stand-alone version is not compatible with recently released Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 app updates (you have to upgrade to the subscription service for the compatible version).

Users are not amused, based on their postings on the Extensis site. Something to consider as you move forward with your decision.

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Ralf Herrmann

Here is their blog posts with tons of user comments: 


But as I have said in my review here, while FontExplorer is not a subscription service, you are pretty much in the same boat. If you update your OS and your apps like Creative Cloud, you will also need to keep buying FontExplorer updates to stay compatible. 

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  • 7 months later...

¶ I finally opted for Suitcase Fusion 10 (v.21).

¶ It's a new compact organization with a brand new vault system.

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  • 2 weeks later...

¶ I encountered an issue with Suitcase Fusion 10: PostScript Type 1 fonts don't work.

¶ I had to launch Font Book on my Mac.

¶ Anybody know if Font Explorer X Pro 7 accepts PostScript Type 1 fonts?

¶ Thank you.

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I switched to FontBase as soon as Suitcase went to a subscription model. It has been great -- stable, and integrates perfectly well with Adobe's latest apps.

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