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.eot .woff .woff2 .ttf .svg?

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Hi, my school (I'm the art teacher) is hiring a web designer to update our school website. We use Collegiate Outline Heavy font in our logos and style sheet. Our designer is requesting the font in the file formats listed in the title. I only have the font installed in my computer as a .ttf I have no clue as to how to find or even look for the other file types. Any ideas?

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Two comments anyway:

Make sure you have the proper license to use the fonts as webfont. Commercial fonts usually have a separate webfont license and the font you have on your hard drive may not have the proper license for this kind of use. 

The font format list is rather outdated. Using all these formats would have been done in like 2010. Using just WOFF would suffice today. 

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