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Translations for typographical terms in CLDR

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Did you know that the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) collects, among many other things, typographical terms – mostly axises and styles for variable fonts – in many languages, in order to display them appropriately in localized user interfaces? Many companies rely (often blindly) on this data, few contribute to it (with varying expertise for specialist jargon).

If you think the translation for the languages you know could be improved, it’s possible to register an account for the Survey Tool and contribute while it’s open to submissions, but it’s usually simpler to raise an issue at Unicode’s Jira.

Axis and Styles

  • `ital`: italic
    • `ital-1`: cursive
  • `opsz`: optical size (in points)
    • `opsz-8`: caption
    • `opsz-12`: text
    • `opsz-18`: titling
    • `opsz-72`: display
    • `opsz-144`: poster
  • `slnt`: slant (in degrees)
    • `slnt--12`: backslanted
    • `slnt-0`: upright
    • `slnt-12`: slanted
    • `slnt-24`: extra-slanted
  • `wdth`: width (percentages), expansion or compression
    • `wdth-50`: ultracondensed
      • `wdth-50-compressed`: ultracompressed
      • `wdth-50-narrow`: ultranarrow
    • `wdth-62.5`: extra-condensed
      • `wdth-62.5-compressed`: extra-compressed
      • `wdth-62.5-narrow`: extra-narrow
    • `wdth-75`: condensed
      • `wdth-75-compressed`: compressed
      • `wdth-75-narrow`: compressed
    • `wdth-87.5`: semicondensed
      • `wdth-87.5-compressed`: semicompressed
      • `wdth-87.5-narrow`: seminarrow
    • `wdth-100`: normal
    • `wdth-112.5`: semiexpanded
      • `wdth-112.5-extended`: semiextended
      • `wdth-112.5-wide`: semiwide
    • `wdth-125`: expanded
      • `wdth-125-extended`: extended
      • `wdth-125-wide`: wide
    • `wdth-150`: extra-expanded
      • `wdth-150-extended`: extra-extended
      • `wdth-150-wide`: extra-wide
    • `wdth-200`: ultraexpanded
      • `wdth-200-extended`: ultraextended
      • `wdth-200-wide`: ultrawide
  • `wght`: weight “boldness”
    • `wght-100`: thin
    • `wght-200`: extra-light
    • `wght-200-ultra`: ultralight
    • `wght-300`: light
    • `wght-350`: semilight
    • `wght-380`: book
    • `wght-400`: regular
    • `wght-500`: medium
    • `wght-600`: semibold
      • `wght-600-demi`: demibold
    • `wght-700`: bold
    • `wght-800`: extra-bold
    • `wght-900`: black
      • `wght-900-heavy`: heavy
    • `wght-950`: extra-black
      • `wght-950-ultrablack`: ultrablack
      • `wght-950-ultraheavy`: ultraheavy


  • `afrc`: vertical fractions
  • `cpsp`: capital spacing
  • `dlig`: optional ligatures
  • `frac`: diagonal fractions
  • `lnum`: lining numbers
  • `onum`: old-style figures
  • `ordn`: ordinals
  • `pnum`: proportional numbers
  • `smcp`: small capitals
  • `tnum`: tabular numbers
  • `zero`: slashed zero
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