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Help needed. Trying to identify the Humnst777 font correctly to repurchase

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We purchased a license to some fonts called Humnst777 many years ago (late 90's-early 00's). The issue is we can no longer find the license for our files (legal) so we are looking to repurchase the fonts.

Now the problem is the actual font face - it doesn't seem to exist online as Humnst777 BT. I am  trying to determine if it is in fact the same font as Humanist 777 Std which I have sourced online.

It is proving difficult to determine as the font files are named in our system as numbers (see image 1) and in the software (image 2) as Humnst777 Blk BT (for Black) / Humnst 777 BT (for regular and bold).

I need to be pretty certain it is the identical font as we use it a yearly technical book publication. The font is embedded into our publication templates and if incorrect will create issues should we need to reload the fonts to match the name on the license.

SO my query - does anyone know if they are the same font but their name has been changed eg is Humnst777 BT actually Humanist 777 STD?

If not the same font, does anyone have any information on where I can source correct font (see image 3)?

Any help to solve this - much appreciated.


59eee01a826aa_1Humnst777-operating-system-names.png.9abf0e33cd2edfe9dc99d989ed6efbc1.png59eee01d7e866_2humnst777-font-name-in-software.png.b650bebe55f7530c034ec62b6cd73120.png     59eee0203a507_3Humnst777-example-font.jpg.1e22db5948767ee227c486d6fe6a8aa7.jpg

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Yes, it’s definitely the same typeface. 

But your 90s version is PostScript Type 1, which isn’t sold anymore. BT stands for Bitstream. Those fonts are sold on MyFonts for example: 


The STD means Standard and refers to the (basic) character set. The fonts linked above are the successor of your old PostScript fonts, but there is no guarantee that these fonts will behave exactly like the Type 1 fonts in regards to metrics, kerning or font names—in fact, some differences are expected. But at some point, you should make the switch to OpenType or TrueType. PostScript Type1 fonts are really outdated. 

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