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Erik Spiekermann's statements re Berthold

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Bouncer (whomever you are), the summation of your points in your recent posts seems to be:

1) That Berthold is not necessarily at fault here in any way OR if Berthold is at fault in any way whatsoever then they are simply following practices that are widespread by others within the industry (albeit not necessarily by all).

2) That the real intention of your posts are to bring closure and/or abandonment to an issue that you do not want to see discussed further (especially by Hrant).

Why? Why not discuss the merits of the Hunt's actions? Why not discuss the pros and the cons of Berthold Types? Why attack the concept of the need for type suppliers decentness towards others? Why oppose the notion of a type supplier being a good neighbor? And why adamantly oppose those hoping that Berthold Types becomes a decent "citizen" of the type world? And why do you make the demand that Typophile is somehow not the legitimate forum for discussion about issues such as these?

Too many unanswered questions are raised by your recent posts. Keep it focused. Keep it enlightening.

Please. Really. It makes a difference.

Please. There is a thread that is important here to others.

Please. Let the thread that Mr. Hunt himself started get back to the issue that he raised all by himself, the issues of Berthold Types actions and behavior.

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