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ANSWERED Need help finding the font used in HYDRASPORTS CUSTOM boats logo

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Trying to find the font (commercial or free it's fine) used in the logo HYDRASPORTS CUSTOM boats. Not sure if it is a real font a modified font.
I think Eurostile, Microgramma D Bold, Moire ExtraBold and Square 721 Std Bold have some similarities but not a spot on. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!



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Ralf Herrmann
27 minutes ago, jperozo said:

I think Eurostile, Microgramma D Bold …

Pretty sure that’s actually correct. You just have to find the right style and replicate the stretching and skewing exactly. 

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Thank you Ralf

Yes, I did that roughly before my post and I think any of those with some modification (stretching, skewing, bolding) might work but I was hoping for a more exact match 😉

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