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FF Quadraat no longer on the market?

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Recently noticed that the FF Quadraat superfamily is no longer available via FontShop, MyFonts, Fonts.com, etc. Does anyone know what is going on with Fred Smeijers? OurType has been disbanded. Quadraat has been removed from retail. Wasn't Quadraat one of the flagship types of FontFont?

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Greg Yerbury

The answer is here 


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Ralf Herrmann
28 minutes ago, Greg Yerbury said:

The answer is here 

No, it doesn’t say anything about FontFonts. 

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You should be able to get help using the mentioned email address.

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Fred Smeijers

Hello Michael (Gred and Ralph),

and thanks Ivo, 

Things are well at this end, thank you.

New times demand new solutions, so we’re in the middle of changes that are - we hope - for the better. 

Quadraat and all other typefaces that were formerly part of OurType collection - including Arnhem, Fresco, Ludwig, etc -  can be licensed via: hello @ typetailors.com

They should become available online before too long.

All news will also be posted on Twitter @fredsmeijers and instagram: @fred.smeijers 

Thank you,


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