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Bruce Black open 508

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I know the name of this but can't find a downloadable or high res version.

Can anyone help?

Its from the bruce foundry. no. 508 Black Open.


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Riccardo Sartori
5 hours ago, Gecko said:

"Shadowed Black Family" looks pretty close to me.

It’s the same suggested by Kevin, and is indeed a revival of the typeface shown in the original post.

Problem is, I don’t think that Black Open is the the right one in this case.

On 3/12/2019 at 4:42 PM, nutmeg said:

The lower case isn't quite right though. Here's what i'm trying to recreate..

any ideas?739386658_darwennews.thumb.jpg.73f52a5f87400fce67793598b4dd4e8e.jpg

As most mastheads, it’s probably handlettered, not set in any particular typeface.

The |w| with ascender and other elements remind me of some cuts of Old English/Cloister Black (with the |a| from Wedding Text).

For something in the same vein, already incised, there is Journalistic:


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The lower case "w" is different in the original post, it has no ascender.

         Its from the bruce foundry. no. 508 Black Open

The closest I see is as both Kevin Tompson and I agree (we found the same font family from different sources) "Incised Black", and I agree with Kevin - Paul Lloyd did a rather heavy-handed (very heavy) digital revival.

Notice the lower case "o" and the "p" he auto traced the glyphs and missed the tops of those two letters, making them rather ugly and ungainly - an easy fix in Fontographer though.

Though a cleaner version would be nice - but a timely production.


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Riccardo Sartori
6 hours ago, Gecko said:

The lower case "w" is different in the original post

It's not just the |w|, there are a number of differencies, in both lowercase and uppercase, between Black Open n. 508 and the Darwen News masthead.

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So what exactly are we looking for the first post a) Black Open 508 or b) Darwen News masthead.

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Edited by Gecko
Not 100% happy with the Capital D & N will tweak it a little. I will enlarge those incised areas a bit more.
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Edited by Gecko
That's the trouble with doing this kind of work, when your a perfectionist, you never find out when to quit and call it finished.
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