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Looking for Helvetica advertisements

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¶ I'm looking for the original advertisements for Helvetica. I only found two so far.

Can you help me, please?

Thanks. ¶




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Ralf Herrmann

All of them? In every country? 

P.S. I doubt the first one is a type ad. 

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Florian H.

Here’s how the Haas type foundry announced their Neue Haas Grotesk in Gebrauchsgraphik in June 1958 (image courtesy of IAADB), one year before the typeface was renamed to Helvetica.

In retrospect, the defensive wording is amusing: “Grotesks continue to occupy an important position”, “please compare it to other, similar grotesks.” Note the prophetic Latin phrase, which translates to “Whatever you do, do it wisely and consider the end” (quidquid is missing a d).



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