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The best fonts you can't have...

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Okay folks! Here are three of my favorites that you can't have. These are unreleased- and most likely, will never be released- fonts that rock my little typographic socks.

Volvo Sans... used on all Volvo controls and switches. Its like Handel Gothic only more swedish-er.

Bloomindales... This swanky typeface has been strutting its stuff while the folks who made Chalet were not even born yet. [And no, Horatio doesn't cut the mustard]

Lumene Script from Suomi... This is my favorite handwriting font ever! Perhaps when Lumene Cosmetics will change campaigns will then we have access to this genius face. Think of it as Emma Script with less caffeine. Plz Script is a significantly less refined alternative however the up-and-coming Suomi Script would be fascinating.

But good news in 2011 we get access to Dereon... a luscious scotch face and in 2008 Parisine Office from Porchez. :-)

Do you have exclusive fonts that you wish you could have... post images, names, and foundries.


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Patty> I know what you mean... there are so many wonderful fonts out there begging for us to buy them. Our bank accounts will never match up with desire.

Your Guggenheim choice is telling as well. These institutions often commission excellent typefaces from the world's top designers [ much to our dismay ].


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I don't remember Unica. Do you have a sample or a website? I would love to see it.

As far as the font I wish could have, but they don't sell it any more: Antikva Margaret.
Zoltan Nagy's organic tour de force. I hope someone [talented enough- too many lousy/sloppy remakes these days] decides to digitize this genius face... I'll be waiting too.


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Mike, it's hard to come up with good samples of Unica, especially since its
relevance is subtle with respect to its two sources: Helvetica and Univers.

BTW, Massimo "What's a font for?" Vignelli bothers to use speech?!


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Sorry that was maybe a little cryptic. I went to a lecture by the husband and wife team, Massimo and Lella Vignelli, who did the Bloomingdales identity (in 1972) among their wide range of projects over the last 40+ years; Massimo Vignelli described the Bloomingdales logo as a simply customised Avant Garde. (In general they tend to use unadorned, tried and trusted classic and modern typefaces for identity and logo treatments - see also American Airlines, NYC subway signage, Knoll logo etc but occcasionally customise - they did their own Bodoni for example)

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I was just explaining my link between the logo and mention of a lecture to S U Fabulous.

Hrant, I do understand that typographers don't necessarily have a high opinion of M Vignelli - especially given his comments about there being too many fonts in the world, none he regards as useful produced in the last 30 years, etc. I can see how he could be acccused of not understanding, ignoring or even dismissing typography. Seems pretty good at communicating though.

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I don't know if it was on here or another design forum, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Volvo Sans just a modified/renamed version of another font?

Also, if you work on Volvo stuff you get a copy of their Volvo family of fonts.

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hrant> Unica is very interesting. I like the fat counter to the lowercase 'a'.

Elliot> Thanks for the info on the Bloomingdales font. I did not know he made that. I actually thought that was Bengiaut's work.

FontPlayer> Axis can be yours for the low low price of just $1100. If you want to fork over that kind of cash, Akira himself, better autograph the cd for you.

Jselig> You might be referring to this post:


That post deals with Volvo Broad and some others. The font I love is the one actually used inside the cars. Its very different and still very much avant-garde.

Mikey ;-)

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FontPlayer> Axis can be yours for the low low price of just $1100. If you want to fork over that kind of cash, Akira himself, better autograph the cd for you.

If he throws in an all expense paid trip to Japan to pick it up (you wouldn't want to send something that expensive through regular shipping channels), we've got a deal. After seeing some of Gia's reviews of Japan in another topic, I'm ready.
; )

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Another one guys...

Textaxis fonts- as of this moment- are still exclusively for the magazine Suite. In an email I received, they informed me: 'In the future we going to sell part of the Textaxis catalogue."
I respect the publications 'need' for exclusivity but part of me says 'ahh com'on guys, give the fonts'.



PS... Textaxis's Suite family received a TDC award in 2002.

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