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Similar font to publico and graphic

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Hello everyone,
I have to create a word template for a client from an indesign document and they want to use a word system font (instead of the fonts I used in indesign). Does anyone know a good alternative to "publico" and "graphic" (or where I could find such information) thats a word standard?

Thanks a million,

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For an educated suggestion more information would be needed, such, for example:

  • Which version of Word/Office/Windows (different versions come bundled with different fonts)?
  • Which version of Publico (Text, Headline, Banner)?
  • The fonts need to be already available or the client would be able/willing to install free ones (unlikely, I know)?

All that said, other than the superficial similarity of the letter shapes, the suitability of a replacement typeface would be determined also by subtler (or less subtle) aspects such as spacing, metrics, proportions, colour, etc.

The impact of each of these will be dependent on the design.

Ultimately my advice is to try to obtain from the client a list of fonts they are sure they have, and then adapt your design chosing among those.

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Hello Riccardo,


thanks so much for your reply!

To answer your questions:

They use the newest version of  Word/Office/Windows

and I'm looking for Publico Headline ( I really should have mentioned that).

My client generally wants use a replacement font, for things he likes to edit in words himself.

If you could point me in a direction that would be fantastic!

Thanks so much!



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Both typefaces are quite distinctive—the best you can hope for is vaguely similar among free typefaces.

As Riccardo points out, “Word Standard” is relative, given that different versions come bundled with different typefaces. Better to limit yourself to system fonts (are your clients on Mac or PC?), or Google web fonts.

For Graphic, your best bet among system fonts are garden-variety Helvetica or San Francisco; among freebie fonts, Aileron might work for you. Nothing particularly close in Google web fonts.

For Publico Headline, the Google web font Playfair Display is a decent option, as is Frank Ruhl Libre. Among system fonts, Cambria or Georgia might work for you.



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