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The type specimens of the world in one database …

Latin and Kanji/Hanzi. Need short consultation.

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It seems an interesting exercise. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with CJK characters to give an informed opinion.

That said, it is sometimes interesting seeing the novel approach to Latin letters from, for example, Japanese type designers.

Also, it could be useful explaining a bit more the motivation and reasoning behind the experiment.

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As for my personal comment, first of all I’m glad I was right thinking that the glyphs are kana and not kanji.

Then, I think I understand the reasoning behind the construction of characters like A1, C2, etc., that is to introduce a structure similar to that of |t|, where a brush stroke interacts with a more technical horizontal line.

While I find it graphically interesting, I can’t know if it could work for a reader of the language.

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FDI Farbmeister: simulate letterpress letters with this set of color bitmap fonts …
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