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German term for letter space ('light between the letters')

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Dear Karen,

please note that Weißraum is not that specific. It refers to inter-character space in the first place, but it may refer to other kinds of white space such as counters and word spaces too. Also, Mengelt is Swiss and not German. Therefore it may be that he refers to a term which is used in the German speaking part of Switzerland, but is not that common in Germany. In the new version of DIN 16507-2 – Schriften, Schriftgrößen, Teil 2 (Typefaces, Type sizes, part 2) we refer to Nachbreite (left side-bearing) and Vorbreite (right side-bearing). Vorbreite and Nachbreite are common terms. Punchcutters, type casters and type setters used to refer to these as Fleisch (meat). DIN 16507-2 has been overhauled and is now up for review until the end of October this year. The new version of DIN 1451-1 – Schriften, Serifenlose Linear-Antiqua, Teil 1 (Typefaces, Sans Serif, part 1, released last year) is basically the same. We used the same terms as in DIN 16507-2. On top of that, inter-character space, the sum of right and left side-bearing is referred to as Schriftzeichenabstand.

Of course I am all ears to what Mengelt actually refers to, I would be very pleased if you could post his answer here!

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Elfen-Fraktur—a monolinear blackletter typeface
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