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Best typefaces for text along a circle path?

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Hallo everybody,

I need to write a text along a circle path and it would be great to get some suggestions about which types of typefaces are best suited to this type of text layout.

Serif or Sans Serif?

Uppercase or lowercase?

Any other suggestion or note will be very appreciated.

Many thanks for a reply!


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The choice of typeface depends more on the overall style and needs of the design, rather than the fact that the text is placed on a curve.

That said, here are a few small pieces of advice I can give.

  1. Don’t set the text too big relative to the curve: the bigger the text (or smaller the circle), the bigger (thus potentially visually jarring) the angle between the letters.
  2. Don’t use condensed widths: more often than not tall letters will look too loose at the top and too crowded at the bottom.
  3. Use uppercase: so you can avoid dealing with ascenders and descenders.
  4. Be generous with letterspacing and word spacing: it will visually lessen the angles between the letters.
  5. Don’t be afraid of kerning: the adjustments needed could be different from those used on a straight text.
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