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Looking for the best Serif font on earth

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I need some typeophile help:

I'm in search of an incredible serif font.

I'm ready to spend some cash / i'm not looking for any free stuff.

Perhaps something a little unique, but classic?. something you'd see in a very high end publication.

Any ideas?

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Jabberjaw, your question is like asking us to name the best song ever recorded. The only answers you'll be able to get from it will be subjective. I might think that Adobe's Garamond Premiere Pro is the best serif typeface on Earth. But another poster might point to FF Maiola. Or Palatino nova, or Sabon, or a typeface from Steffan Hattenbach's MacRhino collection.

While there are certainly a number of typefaces that *I* would definitely say are not the best serif types on the planet, this wouldn't be helpful either. The best typefaces are tuned to specific periods, moods, media, environments, and printing technologies.

Are you looking for a font for corporate identity, a novel, a newspaper, a website, a logo, or something else? For each of these uses, you'll still get different answers from most Typophile posters here, but at least the answers, like the question, will be more specific and help you make the right purchase and create the best design.

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If you choose not to go with Stefan H's suggestions - though Mac Rhino stuff is hard to beat (Luminance!) - you might want to look at the greatest digital version of what is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful and legible serif faces of all time, easily:

Sabon Next, Porchez's revival of Sabon.


And if you can wait long enough . . .


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John, is it possible to get digital Erhardt to look nearly as good as it was in metal? I have a solitary book in 13 pt metal Erhardt that proves it can be one of the very finest, but long experience of dismal Penguins set in it make me wonder whether it's the digital cut or the publisher that's at fault.

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Anyone who is seriously after 'the best serif font on the planet' usually ends up having to draw their own, after all, so if you have time... or the money and the inclination, why not commission some of the good people who hang out here?

The Yale Typeface that Matthew Carter did for the university there is a case in point – commissioned as a proprietary face, it sure is nice, but you can't use it unless you're at Yale. Apparently it's based on the Aldine roman.

Would that be unique, classic and high-end enough for you?

BTW I agree with the people who have already mentioned the newer, better versions of Bembo, Sabon etc in this thread. Apart from Mrs Eaves does anyone know of a similarly overhauled version of Baskerville? I might also add Hoefler Text and Stempel Garamond to the list for consideration.

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Some Baskerville overhauls that have got some praise (I haven't used any of them extensively).



This version of Garamond is good-looking, don't know how it performs.

It would still be nice to know more about the requirements.

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