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Why do Americans insist on using 3D bevel text and script typefaces for their signage.............or am I just seeing one side of things!!!!!

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Seems a bit like saying "Why do Scots insist on using Flash for their websites?" *grin*

My son worked at a shop that did vehicle and shop signage for two years, and I don't he ever did 3D bevel text. I know he complained about some people asking for script, but often he could convince them to do otherwise, on the basis of legibility.

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Dunwich Type

I really can’t remember the last time I saw 3D beveled text in signage. In what part of the country did you see these icky signs?

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Because most of the people doing signage are not designers, but sign companies who don't know any better. Americans are about faster and cheaper, and not always better unfortunately.

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Somehow I don't think he was talking about hand-carved, gilded wooden signs. I'm not sure what's up with the different colors in the outlines, but the rest of the sign looks pretty nice.

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It was a hasty generalisation..............it was my first post and I was happy to get any response....


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Hi Andrew. Looks like you took the link down, but I was browsing through your website earlier. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the images larger, like The Gateside Inn. I'm a sucker for gilded dimensional letters. You do some very nice work.

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russ.....that's a v section moulded resin letter.........trajan I think....with threaded rod fixing so it sits flush.


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