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Type Specimens Online

Ralf Herrmann

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I am starting a list of scanned type specimens online. You are free to add more links. 
For resource that deal with lettering/sign painting, please use this topic


Flickr Type Specimen Group

William Caslon – A specimen of printing types (1785)

Caslon: A specimen of cast ornaments (1798)

Franklin type foundry, Cincinnati – Convenient book of specimens (1889)

Barnhart bros. & Spindler, Chicago – Book of type specimens (1881)

Keystone Type Foundry, Philadelphia – Abridged specimen book (1906)

Cleveland Type Foundry – Catalogue and book of specimens of type faces (1895)

Palmer & Rey, San Francisco – New specimen book (1884)

American Type Founders Company – American specimen book of type styles (1912)

Lanston Monotype Machine Company – The monotype specimen book of type faces (1922)

Inland Type Foundry, St. Louis – Specimen book and catalog (1897)

MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan Co, Philadelphia – Specimens of printing types (1892)

Selections from the specimen book of the Fann Street Foundry (1874)

Fifteenth book of specimens from the Cincinnati Type Foundry (1882)

Condensed Specimen Book from the Boston Type Foundry (1860)

Specimen of printing types from the foundery of Binney & Ronaldson, Philadelphia (1812)

Book of type specimens by Barnhart bros. & Spindler in Chicago (1907)


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What I would most welcome would be online copies of European metal foundries, especially after 1900. There isn't much available that I have been able to find.

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We are happy to announce the release of the first complete electronic issue of the seminal 1923 edition of the American Type Founders (atf) Specimen Book. Considered by many to be the culmination of specimen printing, it is an important, and massive, volume which has been unavailable until now.


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At the end of the 18th century, the German printer J.F. Unger tried to create a new typeface that would bridge the traditional German blackletter designs with the Roman typefaces which briefly became more popular at that time in Germany. This is a specimen book (named “Probe einer neuen Art Deutscher Lettern”, 1793) he published to show and discuss this new design.  


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While the Letter Library site will take some time to get public, there is already a constant stream of interesting images posted on the accompanying social media channels. The type specimen collector @robertmichael has just taken over the Instagram account and the content from there is now also published to our channels on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to follow us there, if you use any of these network sites. 

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