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InDesign users to be extinct like "lead" users, CSS coauthor cries!

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"That demonstrates how ignorant of typography and good typographic design this original author of the CSS spec, Lie, really is."

Does it? The CSS spec really has no care/interest in where a font comes from or the particular license it has. It's not biased one way or the other.

"The CSS spec makes delivering high quality typesetting impractical. Stop wasting my time."

Are we talking about the CSS specification or Prince? The point of Prince is to make CSS practical for print based typesetting.

"Shutting out retail/commercial fonts from adoption by any web font scheme is paranoid, nonsensical, unworkable."

And unless I missed something, nothing to do with CSS. CSS doesn't shut any particular font out.

Now if we're talking about things like font embedding, well, isn't that the idea of the PDF output? Let the PDF take care of that portion.

"It’s a minor % of the code that’s written each year and yet it isn’t dead."

I think we'd be surprised at how much code IS 'legacy' code each year. I had to use up a $50 Circuit City gift certificate yesterday. I was smiling at the fact that their check-out terminal, which is right next to the latest PCs with Vista, Wiis, and all sorts of other 'modern' technology was running a DOS-like terminal application that I'm sure has code circa 1980 in it still ;o)

Anyways, I don't think Prince has anything to do with 'the end of print'. It's specifically designed FOR print.

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