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Book with collection of the most common typefaces (fonts)

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Hallo everybody,

I really like to have a handbook with the most common fonts collection to have a speed visual reference( as starting point) to choose a typeface for every project. I mean something which shows the most common fonts (number, symbol, character, families, ...).

There are many online resources but in this case a paper book would be perfect!


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Ralf Herrmann

Since there are now tens of thousands of fonts available with dozens being released every week, such books aren’t really feasible anymore. 

Either the choice gets very personal …

… or overwhelming: https://www.amazon.com/FontBook-Typeface-Compendium-Erik-Spiekermann/dp/3930023040/

Having such books doesn’t hurt of course, but as a tool to “choose a typeface for every project” you are missing out on many choices. 

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Joep Pohlen

Certainly a lot better to explore typefaces. But it is from 1991 and it are only Berthold Fonts and some fonts from other libraries that where licensed by Berthold. I even think that it is set in fototype and not in digital type (correct me if I am wrong!). In 1991 Berthold was already missing the boat in digitizing their fonts for use on the Mac. The book is set by 16 professional textsetting companies and not an a PC or Mac. Some fonts I think even are never published as digital font.

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