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Retro Pepsi Cola Logo


Mom2Boyz    2


Does anybody know what 2 fonts were used to create this logo OR something close to them? I don't need the actual Pepsi logo (I could probably find a vector of it somewhere) I just need the font names or close fonts so I can create a design with wording that has the same look as this logo (customer specifically asked for this look and sent me the Pepsi Logo jpeg file) Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Pepsi Logo.jpg

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Ralf Herrmann    427
Ralf Herrmann

It’s a classic lettering job. Nothing that can be set using fonts. 

There is a free font made from the Coca Cola logo, which has those typical swashes:


For the other letters, look for “flare serif” fonts. Penumbra Flare would be a typical one, but there might be better matches if you spend some time looking in this category. 

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