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    Ralf Herrmann
    1. Platform: Windows, Mac OS
    2. Type: commercial
    3. Purpose: Character Tool
    4. By: Ergonis Software GmbH
    5. Record views: 1427

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    PopChar is a commercial character map tool for Windows (PopChar Win) and Mac OS (PopChar X). 

    Main features:

    • Inserts special characters right into your document.
    • Full Unicode support with different comfortable views and pop-up menu for quick navigation.
    • Search for characters by name, by Unicode number or by simply pasting some text from your document into the search field.
    • Find characters by drawing their shapes.
    • Find similar characters.
    • Font preview and sample text views
    • Font information
    • View and print font sheets
    • Individually adjust the sizes of certain fonts.
    • Custom favorites section provides quick access to frequently used characters.
    • Magnifier tool provides an enlarged view to see selected characters in full detail.
    • Work across font boundaries and see all available characters system-wide.
    • “Reverse search” for fonts that contain a particular character.
    • Recent characters view for instant access to your frequently used characters.   

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