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    Hand & Eye is a letterpress workshop in London run by Phil Abel and Nick Gill. 

    Phil Abel started Hand & Eye in 1985, equipped with an Adana 8x5, an Arab treadle platen, a passion for good printing and a pile of typographic journals. The presses are long gone, but the passion remains, and he hopes to continue, in a small way, the legacy of great twentieth century printers like the Curwen Press.

    Nick Gill is a writer and musician who was lured into letterpress when he wanted to make CD covers. He is the enthusiastic custodian of our Monotype machines, which he runs, services and strips down when needed. He keeps a record of his typecasting at Adventures in Monotype.

    United Kingdom
    Started: 1985

    6 Pinchin St, London, Greater London, E1 1SA, United Kingdom

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    Krzysztof Słychań


    Nick is certainly a person I'd like to meet and work with. He's a just few years older than me, a lot more experienced in Monotype (I can run the machines just fine, but he is one of the very few people who can make new matrices) and extremely creative in other ways than typography.

    By the way, Nick's blog moved to http://adventuresintypefounding.tumblr.com

    and H&E Foundry is now Effra Press:


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