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    Nomad Letterpress

    Ralf Herrmann
    1. Country: United Kingdom
    2. Field(s): Printing
    3. Record views: 211

    Nomad Letterpress works under the same roof as The Whittington Press which, since 1971, has been printing books by letterpress in the Gloucestershire village of Whittington, from where it has now published over 200 titles. It also publishes the annual journal Matrix and has one of the widest ranges of Monotype matrices anywhere, from which it casts type for itself and others.

    During the 1970’s computer typesetting put an end to the commercial use of hot-metal and finally finished off letterpress printing. Many printers began the last great disposal of Monotype and letterpress printing machinery and others became its fortunate recipients. The Press acquired a huge collection of Monotype matrices, as well as some excellent letterpress equipment including two precision proof presses, a Heidelberg SBB (22 x 32 ins) cylinder press, a Heidelberg Superspeed platen (10 x 15 ins) and other ancillary equipment such as Funditor and Rouse saws. 


    Whittington Press, Whittington, Cheltenham, England, GL54 4HF, United Kingdom

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