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    Thomas Mayo & Co

    Ralf Herrmann
    1. Country: United Kingdom
    2. Field(s): Printing
    3. Started: 2007
    4. Record views: 629

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    Thomas Mayo creates bespoke products that posses a distinctive quality and level of craftsmanship only achievable via time-honored techniques. 

    • Letterpress Printing: Bespoke printing service, everything is printed by hand using letterpress printing presses, moveable lead and wood type. Business cards, wedding & personal stationery, invitations, posters, birthday cards etc can all be printed using this method.
    • Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving: For printer's blocks, from entire cases of wood type to missing characters and bespoke designs. Blocks can be cut from a variety of materials using different techniques. Also signage, stencils and custom objects can be created using this process. 


    10-12 Marshgate Lane, London, England, E15 2NH, United Kingdom

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