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    The Insects Project
    Problems of Diacritic Design for Central European Languages

    Ralf Herrmann
    1. Field(s): Type Design
    2. Released/Published: 2016
    3. By: Agnieszka Małecka, Zofia Oslislo, Palo Bálik, Filip Blažek
    4. Record views: 1161

    The Insects Project is a product of a collaborative research aimed at sharing knowledge about Central European typography and promoting design that is sensitive to the needs of all those who are unlucky enough to be native users of Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak.

    Perhaps few users of “diacriticless” languages (such as e.g. English) realise how lucky they are to be able to choose from literally thousands of typefaces. Central Europeans, on the other hand, are nowhere near as spoiled for choice, because many fonts available on the market still seem to overlook the specific needs of their knotty languages.

    This book contains four articles by invited experts. Each of them presents a historical overview and a guide to good diacritic design practices in particular languages including examples of the most common design problems that were prepared using font samples from young Czech, Polish and Slovak typedesigners.

    The book can be downloaded for free at: http://theinsectsproject.eu

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