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    The Origin of the Serif
    Brush Writing & Roman Letters

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    Ralf Herrmann
    1. Field(s): Calligraphy, Lettering
    2. Released/Published: 1968
    3. By: Edward M. Catich
    4. Publisher: St Ambrose University
    5. ISBN: 978-0962974014
    6. Record views: 4383

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    The Serif is the short cross stroke at the beginning and end of letter parts. Its origin in Roman inscription letters is one of the uncharted areas of paleography. In this book the author questions accepted theories as to the serif’s origin, and his own theory with skillful reasoning, detailed illustration, and epigraphic proof.

    Demand for copies of The Origin of the Serif has been constant since Fr. Catich published it in 1968. The information found there is not available elsewhere, and Catich’s theory on serif origins is not only original but persuasive. He connects it with a development of the Roman alphabet. Since the edition has been exhausted, Mary W. Gilroy, the Curator of the Catich Gallem', has prepared this new edition for publication.

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    User Feedback

    Ralf Herrmann

    • 5

    The myth that serifs are a result of chiseled type has been around for decades and is still alive today. In this book Edward M. Catich debunks this myth thoroughly and very convincingly. It’s a great book and I wish there would be such a book for every controversial question in the field of typography. 

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