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    Combining typefaces is one of the great challenges and, at the same time, a continuing allure for typographers and designers: is it meant to be extravagant or should it only be carried out to a limited degree or, ideally, not at all? Which fonts harmonize with each other, and which don't? Which ones complement each other or even enhance each other? There are few answers to be found in the professional literature.

    This handbook demonstrates that it is possible to determine criteria for the combining of typefaces. By looking at the shape of typefaces in detail and creating a revised classification of fonts, it conveys a deeper understanding of the diversity of typefaces and, based on a systematic analysis of analogy and contrast, it establishes the urgently necessary findings required for combining typefaces. An indispensable standard work for typographers and graphic designers.


    ❝Typeface Combination as a Stimulus in Typography❞
    by: Philipp Stamm
    Publisher: Birkhäuser
    ISBN: 9783035611144
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