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    Web Typography
    A handbook for designing beautiful and effective responsive typography

    Ralf Herrmann
    1. Field(s): Graphic Design, Typography
    2. Released/Published: 2017
    3. By: Richard Rutter
    4. Publisher: Ampersand Type, Brighton, Uk
    5. ISBN: 9780995664203
    6. Record views: 194

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    Typography is what comes between the author and the reader. This is as true on the web as it is in any other medium. If a text has anything at all significant to say, it needs a typographer’s care, which will in turn be repaid by the reader’s attention. If you design websites or use CSS then you are a typographer whether you know it or not.

    This book is a practical guide and companion reference to all aspects of typography on the web. It deftly combines implement­ation details with typographic theory, and is ideal for designers, developers and anyone else involved in the process of creating a website.

    The book is available ebook and paperback book. 

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