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Stamp of Byte Shop (back in 1976)

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please have a look at the picture of a stamp of the Byte Shop computer store. They put those stamp on the Apple-1 manuals when they sold one. I have re-created the manuals and now want to give them the finishing touch by having a stamp produced and actually stamp them … (I know I am crazy …)

I tried to identify those THREE typefaces (the first and second line use DIFFERENT typefaces) using software but it does not really work, so I (again) rely on the wisdom of the gurus.

Any hint is highly appreciated. The one looks very similar to a Helvetica Neue Condensed, but there might be a closer variant. 

As to the Byte Shop Logo itself, I can not find any reference.



Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-07 um 11.53.32.png

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52 minutes ago, Riccardo Sartori said:

I hope that in the meantime you have found someone that actually knows what they do. If not, here is my stab at "Computer Store". Use it freely, and, if you notice something very wrong, I may or may not be able to fix it (please keep in mind that while my node pushing skills are rudimentary, my curve wrangling ones are non-existent).


compustore.pdf 6.62 kB · 1 download

I did NOT expect that – that is bloody awesome! Thanks so much! Please send me your postal address via personal message, and I will happily send you the reprints I did WITH the stamp on it once I have it made by a stamp manufacturer. 

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Ladies & Gentlemen, 

today I have received the permission to use the Byte Shop Logo Stamp by the founder of Byte Shop himself, Paul Terrell. Background: Paul had been the person that ordered the first 50 Apple-1 computers paying 25.000 USD on delivery. This order sparked the foundation of the company called "Apple" today.

What a day …

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