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the font on the image below belongs to a poster of the movie Woman of Straw

Ron Wolpa
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It is from the poster of the 1964 film Woman of Straw.

While Pablo Ferro did the actual title sequence that opened the film, I have had no luck tracking down the designer of the poster (which does not share imagery or typefaces with the title sequence).

Given the year of production, it is likely hand lettering, not a typeface (not finding a match).

However, the cast list on the left could be approximated with Tuesnight, which was inspired by 1960s movie poster lettering.

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I failed to mention that the font is not from the original poster art that now I attach below.   It is the art for a DVD cover what makes me believe it may be a typeface.   Thank you for your answers. 

by the way I loved Tuesnight.



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Sorry, still hand lettering (just a redrawing of the original poster art).

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Sorry, still hand lettering.... >  it does not matter , not really important
thank you 

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I was trained in Graphic Design at the West of England College of Art in the early sixties - we painted all designs and typography in Windsor & Newton gouache tube paint for all types of our design projects and this included painting with brushes all sizes of type down to six point lettering (the latter using a Sable triple (000) brush!!). For posters and leaflets  - hand designed lettering was often used in place of hot metal typesetting styles or using the expensive Letraset which the college could not afford. Can you actually imagine that if a client requested a change of colour of ANY aspect of your design then the whole design would require repainting (instead of clicking a few keystrokes that is all it takes today). Designers have so much more scope and faster production simplicity today.

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