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Where to publish an article about font design & legibility?

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Let me introduce myself briefly:
My name is Mikhail Vasilev, a hobbyist designer and an engineer.
One of my areas of interest is designing experimental alphabets aiming towards legibility optimisation, i.e. creating symbol systems that should outperform the existing ones in this regard. And also I am exploring various letter design techniquesthat affect the readabilty in general.

The works have been collected to the point where I started to wonder, where most of the activity related to this topic happens?
Also I was thinking about publishing some of the works. Like a short essay with images. Not for sale inherently, so it could be a web publisher with open access.

So the main question: can you probably recommend a good publisher or a magazine, etc., that would be a good fit?

I know I can choose any publisher I like, but probably there are some that have related focus. The topic is more technical rather than artistic, if that matters.

Any tips are welcome.

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Thank you,

I have visited the links and found good resources. That helped and I think it saved me a lot of time.

One of the journals listed there is the "Visible language" journal. It is an old and currently active journal, there are some papers on legibility.
Public availability of past issues is the best thing about it, it makes it a great resource for further searching and  for gaining insight in related researches.

Hyphen press "Typography Papers" also has some related publications, but their page doesn't provide direct links, but some of their articles
I was able to find on other sites, e.g. researchgate.net. So I think it is a good option as well.

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