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1920s(?) Vitak-Elsnic Company sheet music title typeface

J.C. Haldeman

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Typeface used for sheet music titles by the Chicago-based Vitak-Elsnic Company (founded as Georgi & Vitak Music Company circa 1902, incorporated 1912, renamed in 1924), publishers of Bohemian-style music.  

Their catalog for polkawaltz, and schottische sheet music makes extensive use of the typeface in titles.  I have tentatively dated instances of it to the 1920s.  Reddit/identifythisfont suggests it is a variation of Bookman.  A contributor to the WhattheFont forum claimed it had been discussed and identified on Typophile, but I have been unable to confirm that.  

I would be happy with simply identifying it, as that would open the possibility of finding a sample book.  I very much doubt a digital version exists, but I would welcome the possibility. 


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That is very close to Bookman Regular, certainly all the uppercase are except the J. I'd also say 80% of the lowercase are bookman the exception being the c, h, m, n s. Easy to make a fix in fontographer or FontLab. 

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My hat is off to your facsimile.  It is remarkably close; however, I do see details that suggest the two might be distinct (a, g, k, t). 

I still hold out hope that someone might be able to tell me what it is.  

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