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Help picking a font for car business

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Hello, I'm designing a logo for a car related business. This company has created a car subscription system, and their vision is focused on mobility and freedom.

Which font would be best suited in this case? I'm having trouble picking.

Thank you so much!

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There are so many considerations that go into choosing a typeface for branding. Knowing the type of client alone doesn’t narrow down the selection sufficiently. It would depend on your ideas for the overall corporate design, the required number of styles and features, the language support, the licensing options, the type of use (display, text, app …) and so on. 

See also https://typography.guru/academy/how-to-choose-and-pair-fonts/


It’s probably easier if you tell us what you have come up with so far—whether it’s design ideas, font candidates or whatever. And then we have something to talk about. 

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When designing a logo I think also of the fuller applications of it. The appearance of the showroom/store and neighbourhood. The character of the client (i.e. receptive to new ideas or traditional and conservative...his/her office or premises reflect their character also).  Feedback: You need a concise brief: I ask the client to choose samples of existing logos they like in various media types (even their choice of a particular coffee label, magazine ad etc.) will give you good feedback as to their preferable styles and colours. It is no good designing a logo that you think is great only to find that the client dislikes it because of just the colour! Also give the client alternative choices but avoid putting in a poor example to choose from as they often choose the one you don't like! Look at the logos of the vehicles he is marketing (their maybe something to spark you there). I would also photograph their premises and produce a 'before' and 'after' rendition to show exactly what your best logo will look like. Then inspect your font list and make a short list of suitable styles that fit the brief. Checkout my website: nu1.co.uk

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