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Attempting to identify this Japanese font I used on a poster 10yrs ago

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Hello there,

Ages ago I used to make graphics with random fonts I bulk downloaded without taking much notice of copyright issues. I'm trying to track down the fonts I've used to make ammends, and have been successful for the most part, except for this Japanese font here with the phrase "激しいビューティ".


I can't remember if I used an actual Japanese font, or if it was a very generic font that had Japanese glyphs. 


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9 hours ago, MissNobody said:

Isn't it just Arial Unicode MS in Windows?


Someone has brought it up before. This seems to be a super close match, but I wanted to seek a second opinion given that the little quotation marks seem to be curving away from each other, as apposed to curving towards the same direction in unison. 

To illustrate what I mean, I drew red lines to help visualize my perception of the curvature.


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