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Anglicized Old Bulgarian / Slavonic

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Received this business card recently. Please excuse the grey boxes. I've found the following from Paratype: https://www.paratype.com/fonts/pt/russia-church, but it's clearly not a match. 

Could this be hand-lettered, or a custom job? I'm doubtful of it being a free font, as these lack some basic poise: (https://www.dafont.com/russian-land.font) (https://fontlibrary.org/en/font/triod-postnaja) (https://www.dafont.com/kremlin-alexander.font)

Are there two separate typefaces in use here (one for the information at top and another for the text below)? 

Any clues welcome. Thanks in advance!


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Actually when you look at the pattern on the top it looks hand drawn - complicated but still hand drawn. The lettering reminds me of the lettering I learned to do at school with a calligraphic pen and ink, back in the day, maybe someone hand lettered it and photo'd the glyphs that they like best. 

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The Coptic manuscript angle is very helpful, Riccardo. I'll have to look more closely at old manuscript specimens, as I'm really intrigued by these kinds of letterforms. 

Also, Gecko, I'm starting to see what you mean. I wonder if they were all done by hand. The "i" and "j" tittles appear identical in shape when comparing the "yuri.ma******@gmail.com" text and the bottom text—but the two texts seem as if they come from different families. Maybe their common denominator, and what makes the 3 total styles come together, is a calligrapher's hand?

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Excellent. Thank you very much, Kevin. Holiday Gothic is a perfect match, and Bulgaria Moderna is a nice find. I never would have found these on my own. 

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