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answered Anyone recognize this font? Sirens. David Rudnick artwork

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Hello there, i'm new!

Is anyone able to tell me which font has been used on this artwork (by David Rudnick).
I'm talking about the 'Coolvetica'-ish one. 

Thanks by advance


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Kevin Thompson

Neue Haas Grotesk seems a likely candidate, but with only all-caps glyphs for comparison, hard to be sure.

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Hey skippa, Kevin, David here.

It's custom I'm afraid. For Sirens and the related materials I cut a variant that we used across the designs, its technical name is Helvetica Matta (coincidentally after Gordon Matta Clark). Nico and I were trying to find the right voice for the material and I wanted something that felt 70s NYC downtown conceptual art, but in its last breaths, turning towards the kind of glamorous despair of the 80s, when Alfredo would do his installation in Times Square that would be the basis of the iconic picture that we used under the scratch-off on the cover. That feeling of an America where the lie was on its knees and the bubble was about to burst...

A few more examples from the related work can be seen here.

Sorry if thats not so useful but hadn't seen anyone ask about this before or even notice it was custom (good eye) so felt compelled to sign up to answer.







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Kevin Thompson

Mr. Rudnick, thanks for setting us straight and for sharing the thought process behind the work.

Very kind of you to take the time to put some type nerds out of their misery....

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