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Katy Ramirez

answered Looking for a font similar to this Wanderlust Illustration.

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Katy Ramirez

Hi! I'm looking for a font that would be similar to the image shown. I know that the image is an illustration and was probably hand-lettered, but I am looking for something that could be similar and have that hand-lettered, playful vibe. Any suggestions?


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My suggestion is draw it yourself! Import into Adobe Illustrator and draw using the pen tool. Enjoy!


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Katy Ramirez

Kevin Thompson and Ignacio, thanks so much! I really liked some of your suggestions. I wish I could tie you both for best answer. 


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Riccardo Sartori

Three more suggestions to add to the already excellent ones offered:

  1. Sinzano (no swashes)
  2. TheArtist (some swashes)
  3. Premier Sans (lots of swashes)

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