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Need to match this font for a sorority (Alpha Phi)

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Hello,  My boss wants me to match this font exactly.  I'll be honest i am struggling.  Any help would be great.  Commercial fonts are fine.


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George Thomas

It would need a lot of editing. I think Cabernet is probably heavier and is professionally drawn; this logo is far from high quality.

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Riccardo Sartori
37 minutes ago, George Thomas said:

this logo is far from high quality

I think part of the “wonkiness” is due to a quick vectorisation of a small or fuzzy original sample.

Another option for a serif that offer this kind of treatment is the classic Bookman Italic with Swashes. Still off in the details, and in need of some massaging, but with several weights that can be chosen to better match the overall colour of the sample.

It’s available from many foundries, but the cuts that offer the most alternate letters are probably the one from Jukebox (the same foundry of Cabernet) and Mark Simonson’s Bookmania.

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Thank you all so much for your help.  After a long time of searching I found almost a exact match.  CaslonSwash(Arriolla).  I never could find a place to buy the font.  So i vectorized a large Jpeg I found,  It took some tweaking but boss is happy with it.

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Greg Yerbury

Caslon swash, I think is a 'cut' of Cabernet with  Jukebox being the nearest to a digital version.  

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@Greg Yerbury that was the image I ended up vectorizing.  It was a pain to type set the 18 sorority names,  but in the end the art work got done.  Thank you guys again for your time,  I learned a few new things.

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