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answered 1950s Coca-Cola Grocery Store Aisle Marker/Sign Font

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This is a Coca-Cola Aisle Marker Sign used to steer customers to Coke products in a grocery store.   This sign is probably from the 1940s-1950s.  I want to replicate the white circles with numbers as those are missing from my 2 signs. 

Can someone identify this font for me?  Looks three dimensional with 5 steps up to the lighter green center line.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.



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Riccardo Sartori

Not a typeface:


That said, an approximation could  be Doriss Girls (spelling “2 1Il|):


Or Trade Gothic Display (spelling “2i”), but you would need to add the lighter inline:

For better accuracy, barring drawing it from scratch, it could probably be better starting with a suitable (in terms of width and weight) solid or inline sans serif with a comparable construction of |2| (using |I| or |l| for |1|) and adding the bevelling with your graphics program of choice.

Jeff Levine, to make just one example, seems to offer several of this kind of sign-painting-inspired designs.


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