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answered Need this circuitboard font (ca 2006) and sub-font from Photoshop/Word for my novel's cover (Nightmare in Silicon)

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Hi everyone and thanks for reading.  I created this mockup cover for my novel in 2006, using Adobe Photoshop on a Mac, though the publisher decided to go in a different direction.  I am now self-publishing a new edition and want to re-create this cover.  The 2ndary font was probably in Photoshop or Microsoft Word by default (and I'm guessing easier to identity, if anyone knows that one), but I *may* have had to go outside of my default fonts to Google "circuitboard fonts" in 2006 to find the main one.  I haven't been able to find it that way this time.  I'm in love with this design and want to create the cover I always dreamed of for my book.  Please help!

(p.s.  - The reason I am not able to use this current design and need to redesign it is the image is too small to use for Kindle or a print version.  I am open to free or paid fonts, but I believe these were originally free as I wasn't one to pay for fonts back in those days.)





Nightmare in Silicon Cover Mockup 2006 - Circuitboard and other font.jpg

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Thank you so much; you're a life-saver.  And I can't believe how quickly you found it!

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