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WANTED: Font from an old german newspaper. PRIZE: endless thankfulness

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I'm looking for fonts from german newspaper from 1938. I'm working on a project named "Culture aspects of communication design". I want to make a newspaper with present polish news and put it into german layout from '38. After all I'll make a research to know what feelings are caused by this culture experiment. I have already posted it in the german version of this siie and one of the users (Wrzlprmft) suggested that one of them is "Mainzer Fraktur" and he is right (IMO) but some glyphs are different. He also suggested Unifraktur (this one have even polish diacritics) and it'a great too! I have also identify "minion" and "akzidenz grotesk" (photo "2"), but I am still looking for texture font with alternate glyph for letter "A" like in the headline from the photo "1". The rest of the fonts are not really important for me (they are stylized as the handrawn so I can simulate them by myself). I just want to be sure that I will use proper fonts in my work :) It's important to take care of the details. As one of my lecturer says "Details make the project!" :) Thank you all for your help!

Best regards,






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Ralf Herrmann

The masthead font should be Schmale Deutsche Schrift by Rudolf Koch. 


But I don’t know any digital versions of it. 

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Ralf Herrmann

I don’t mind in such a case, where it’s not just a question of identifying one specific font, but more a discussion of fonts from a certain time and fonts for this specific project. That should fit well in the forum and in the typefaces category. 

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Riccardo Sartori

But wouldn’t it be nice for the Font-ID to host higher level discussions than just the “I need this font ASAP to copy that logo, for free” type, once in a while?

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Ralf Herrmann

Sure, but regular forum members can easily get bored by a constant flood of font ID requests, so it can be useful to keep that in a separated area which one can choose to follow. Having interesting discussions there is of course not forbidden. 

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Riccardo Sartori

So I need to print it early enough, put paper in sunny place and... wait.

​There are speedier and more effective ways to weather your paper. Tea, for instance, can give you beautiful results.


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