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  • Type 3.2 font editor


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    Type 3.2 is a commercial font editor developed by the New Zealand company CR8 Software Solutions Ltd. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

    Feature list:

    • Formats supported
      Open and save: TrueType (.ttf), OpenType PS (.otf), Type 3.2 glyph data (.gfs)
      Open only: TrueType collection (.ttc)
      Transfer glyphs from: All of above, plus Type 1 (.pfa, .pfb), Mac TrueType (.dfont)
    • Editing
      Edit all font metrics, meta-data and names. Easy font renaming tool.
      Up to 65535 glyphs. Copy, duplicate and rename glyphs. Edit glyph metrics.
      Nodes/control points or TrueType points editing.
      Copy, paste, undo, redo, grid, snap-to-grid.
    • Drawing Tools
      Standard bezier drawing tools, freehand draw, knife, ruler, star, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, rotate, skew, stretch, stroke, touch-up tools, remove overlap.
    • Graphics
      Import vector graphics from Illustrator/Inkscape etc (.svg). Interactive autotrace.
      Insert background images for manual tracing (.jpg, .gif, .png etc)
    • Preview options
      Real-time glyph preview (single glyph or sample text).
      Full font preview (all glyphs or paragraph view).
    • Hinting
      Gasp hinting. Global PostScript hinting (.otf fonts).
    • Colour fonts
      Create Windows 8.1 colour fonts (Windows only).
      Full-font colour preview of Windows 8.1 colour fonts (Windows and Mac).
    • Kerning
      Add kerning pairs. Add all standard kerning pairs. Save and load kerning pairs.
      Adjust kerning pairs visually with 'grab-and-drag'.
    • OpenType features
      Insert preset OpenType features (Standard ligatures, OpenType kerning, Ordinals, Swash, Small capitals, Slashed zero). Create your own OpenType features.
    • Composite glyph creation
      Auto-create all Latin accented characters.
      User definable composite glyph creation (Greek extended as an example).
    • Action scripts
      Perform operations (eg bolden) on multiple glyphs, or all glyphs, with simple scripts.
    • Glyph groups
      Specify glyph groups: save glyphs, run actions, link group metrics, OpenType classes, class kerning.
    by: CR8 Software Solutions Ltd
    Platform: Windows, Mac OS
    Type Design

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