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Phillies Script / Phillis specimen?


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Thanks for the Phillies Script specimen Ralf. :)

I did not realize Phillis is already digitized.... 

Just wondering, do you have the Fotostar specimen book? As I am also looking for some other specimens which I could not find any info...

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On 1 May 2015 at 0:03 AM, George Thomas said:

I might be able to help with US specimens. Post some of what you are looking for.

Thank you for the help George. :)

I have attached some specimens of the types I am looking for in this post.



Burchard Black.jpg





Moon Light.jpg




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Phillies Script is also known as Fulton Sign Script. It has already been digitized by URW++ under the Phillies Script name. I do not have a specimen of it.

Aludom is the pirated version of Modula from VGC. All the pirate did was reverse the name. If you or anyone you know has a VGC catalog you can get a full specimen from it. If not, I can scan it for you. All weights except the Medium have been previously digitized by FLF (Fluent Laser Fonts) under the name KasseFLF. There are also pirate versions of the KasseFLF fonts by others.

Monastic has previously been digitized under several names. Is is an old metal face so I may have a specimen if you still need it. You can get a free download of K22 Monastic from dafont.com or pay for another version at myfonts.com under the name Huruvida. It may have also been digitized by others.

Tulo is extremely retro, dating to the hippie days of the early 70s. There are similar fonts (Inkwell, Bottleneck, Bell Bottom (aka Maxwell) and Chwast Art Tone), all in digital form. There is also an old film lettering face, Orbit Extended (no lowercase) that has a similar look. Tulo has not been found digitized, possibly because the ROI might be close to zero.

Palana was originally a Letraset font. Letraset was acquired by Monotype; I don't know if it has been digitized.

The others I do not have any references on.


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I did discover I have a specimen of Tulo as issued by one of the pirate companies under the name Tushy.

Moon Light, from your previous post, was originally issued by VGC, named Moon, in four weights.

Margit is a ripoff of Alphabet Innovations' Harem with some changes to one or more of the letters. Harem dates to 1969.

Marianna is a ripoff of Antikva Margarit, which was a VGC award-winning original.

Astrid is, I believe, the original name for the font although I don't know who produced it.

Lock Outline is just an outline version of the font Maxwell* with some minor changes. Omaha is a slightly lighter more condensed version of Maxwell. A third font, Newton, is bolder and similar in style.

Romantic is a ripoff of Romantique from Headliners International. Headliners produced it in five weights.

The others I don't have any reference on. Since Typophile.com is unavailable for the time being, you could try the Font ID forum at dafont.com. There are folks there who have more reference material than I do. When Typophile.com gets their site redesign done, their Font ID forum has some very expert folks who can ID just about everything.

*Not to be confused with the font named Maxwell I mentioned in the first post. Two different fonts with the same name.

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Hi George,

Thanks again for the informations on some of the typefaces. Just wondering if it is possible for you to upload the Tulo/Tushy specimen, and if available, Margit/Harem as well?



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I will try to add something to the excellent information already provided.

Astrid looks like the typeface digitised by URW as Aggie (except for the narrower |t|):


There are several digitisations of Romana (AKA Roemisch, Romanisch, Romaans, Elzevir, De Vinne...), none of them outlined.

As far as I know, some of the most brilliant people from Typophile's Type ID also hang, of the various font identification forums, around MyFonts' WhatTheFont,

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Aggie is the name for Astrid Solid used by Castcraft. From what I have seen of URW++ it appears they bought (or appropriated) Castcraft's font library when Castcraft went out of business.

Now to the specimens. These are 300dpi jpegs but if anyone wants 1200dpi versions I made them as tiff files. They would need to be uploaded through a file service for retrieval due to their size.

I made a reference scan of Margit so the differences from the original Harem can be noted. The Harem specimen has a tint screen applied (not halftone) so it is perfectly usable for digitizing. It was done that way in an attempt to discourage piracy in those days.

A historic note about the naming of Harem: Phil Martin thought the tail on the /Q somewhat resembled a penis which is how he ended up with the type name. That little tidbit came to me directly from him many years ago.

Update: I just discovered that Harem was digitized in the 90s by The Font Company, so very likely it is available from URW++ because I believe they ended up with that collection after Precision Type went out of business.








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