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Hoefler Text Alternative?

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Hi! I'm working on rebranding my company. I used Hoefler Text Black Swash Small Caps on a few titles, and everyone loved it. Unfortunately, Hoefler only seems to sell entire packages, and the whole package is over $1k. I'm only interested in the one weight. 


Anyone able to help me find an alternative? Or know if I can buy just that weight? A Google font would be perfect, but I'm not having any luck. Thanks!



Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.58.22 PM.png

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13 hours ago, Les said:

If you're on a Mac, you are probably using a legitimate licensed version of Hoefler Text Black Italic?

I doubt it. I installed it by using files my friend gave to me years ago. It's not legit to use in a commercial setting unless I purchase it. 

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