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Art nouveau alphabets

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Anna L.

Good morning. My name is Anna and ľm new here. He is interested in the Art nouveau alphabet. I want to ask. Where can I get complete alphabets: Langschrift, Meierschrift, Mercedes Antiqua, Wallenstein, Habsburg, Wittelsbach, Radium, Rubezahl, Ovid, International, Thetis, Steinschrift, Medea, Rothari?

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Anna L.

Wallenstein,Habsburg,Wittelsbach,Radium,Meierschrift,Maria theresia,Othello,Rothari,Ovid from J.G. Schelter & Giesecke         Mercedes Antiqua from Wilhelm Wöllmers           Langschrift,International,Medea  from Bauersche Giesserei                 Rübezahl from Rudhardsche Giesserei               Thetis,Mars,Irene,Venetiana from A.-G. Schriftgiesserei           Künstlerschrift from D.Stempel         Kolumbus from Gronausche Schriftgiesserei             Albingia from Genzch & Heyse              

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Ralf Herrmann

It’s a lot of typefaces! What do you want to do with them? Can you maybe narrow it down to your favorite ones? Finding full specimens isn’t easy and scanning all of them takes a lot of time. 

I certainly have access to samples of some of these typefaces, but the full alphabets are usually not shown in the main specimen books of the type foundries.

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Kevin Thompson

As Ralf said, very few specimen catalogs of that era showed the full glyph set.

Fontsinuse.com is a good resource; it lists similar typefaces and specimen and/or purchase links (if available) in columns to the right of the typeface name and description. Here are pages for some of your list, but none appear to exist in digital form:











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Kevin Thompson

Anna, you need to click on the links I posted, then on the links under the “info” column on the pages you land on, to see specimens of each typeface....

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Anna L.

I want to ask. Do any of you have these titles of books ???  "Moderne Farbige Reklameschriften und Arrangements,author Hermann Apel Konstanz" , "Modeles de Lettres ď Art Nouveau,author Etienne Anatole Ducompex" , "Lettres et Enseignes Art Nouveau,author Etienne Mulier". I am looking for these books for a very long time.

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George Thomas

"Lettres et Enseignes Art Nouveau" is available at abe.com for US$2,480.55. I suspect the other books are also rare and will be priced similarly.

This particular book is also in at least one library, per worldcat.org: http://www.worldcat.org/title/lettres-et-enseignes-art-nouveau/oclc/469710684

Also I found by entering this book name on pinterest.com, there are scans of some or perhaps all of the pages showing alphabets.

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Anna L.

I want to ask. Who is currently the owner of these fonts ??? Who has copyright to them ??? Eckmann schrift,Behrenschrift,Arnold Böcklin,Hobo,Metropolitaines,Auriol cursive

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Anna L.

Good morning. I wanted to ask. Where can I get these fonts?

Caracteres "ETIQUETES" from Deberny & cie. ?

Lettres GROTESQUES-NOIRES from Deberny & cie ?

BABYLONIENNES  from G.Peignot & Fils ?

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Anna L.

Hello, I want to ask.

Can these fonts be obtained somewhere?

1. "Meierschrift"

2. "Langschrift"

There may be printouts, scans,books

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