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Removing undesirable "staircase" effect from huge font


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I've tried everything for the past 4 hours. A little help please?

Problem: Huge letters look "staircased" at full screen ( especially "W" and "M" ).

I've tried illustrator and photoshop. I've tried "crisp", "smooth", "strong", etc.

These will be exported as PNG files into Final Cut pro for video.


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The image on the right has JPG compression artefacts and was also probably scaled up. It looks blurry and actually not very good. That’s not something to strive for in my opinion. 

If you prepare images for video, image resolution (and image processing of the video app) matters most. At what size have you created the images in Photoshop? Obviously you want to avoid upscaling in the video app. That would increase the jagged edges. 

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Yes image on right is lowres. That has nothing to do with my issue. Resolution has nothing to do with it. Not upscaling anything. If I can just create huge letters in photoshop without the "staircase" effect I can take it from there. Thanks so much for trying to help. ( Fyi this issue remains at 72dpi and 600dpi, size/resolution won't make a difference ).

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23 minutes ago, Mustardeer said:

Resolution has nothing to do with it. 


Of course it does. You have diagonal lines and your screen has square pixels. You cannot get a straight line. It’s physically impossible. The “staircase effect” is unavoidable, but it gets smaller with higher (physical or calculated) resolution and the anti-aliasing applied on the edges can be controlled through the settings (smooth, crisp …) you already know. If they don’t help you, then resolution is the only other parameter you have. Believe it or not. 

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