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  2. Melchior

    Penguin Island font

    I saw this book today and wondered what the type-face is. The book from 1947, and the type-face does not look familiar at all. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PENGUIN-ISLAND-by-Anatole-France-Limited-Editions-Club-991-1500-VG-signed-/113399907767?oid=132802351481
  3. Yesterday
  4. mike samuel

    answered font from Jenkintown, PA seal

    Thank you sir. You saved me quite a bit of time. I thought Clearface at first but I didn't have ITC Clearface.
  5. Prabodh Jain

    Alternative ampersand required for Le Griffe font

    Thanks for sharing these.
  6. Elli

    answered Koha font

    Thank you!
  7. Akôwè

    Best cursive fonts for children.

    It's a pleasure to read your comment. I appreciate and find it very informative. Gratefully from AK
  8. Last week
  9. Amandus

    answered Font from a psalm book

    Very fast, thanks a lot!
  10. Jordi Bentkowski

    answered Font from an intro commercial by Randey

    i love thank u so much
  11. caledongrl

    answered Font from Dynamic Health Care

    Wow! That was really fast. Thanks so very much for your help!!!
  12. sergioschiavo

    answered Font from Logo Generator Logojoy

    Oh my god. You have no idea how much I searched for this font. Used all 'font match' websites and searched for hundreds of pages search for the font. You really rock! Thank you so much! 😄
  13. How the Johnson & Johnson logo developed: https://www.jnj.com/our-heritage/the-story-behind-johnson-johnson-logo
  14. I’m afraid it is hand lettered, not typeset.
  15. Riccardo Sartori

    answered Looking for Walking Dead comics font

    These are pieces of lettering, not typefaces.
  16. Chris Lozos

    Which is the best version of Walbaum?

    I have the Berthold version. It looks better at larger sizes. Now seeing the Storm, it is probably better at smaller sizes.
  17. Riccardo Sartori

    answered Font used for Merry Christmas

    Technically, it says “hand drawn background” 😉 Nonetheless, I concur with the conclusion.
  18. Riccardo Sartori

    In Memoriam: Gerard Unger 1942-2018

    Obituary on The Guardian.
  19. Oh wow it's literally called Christmas card! Thank you!
  20. Gecko

    answered What font did i use?

    Congrat gizzmo on putting a name to that elusive typeface (I like my 5 better than theirs) teehee!!!
  21. Ralf Herrmann

    Frere-Jones releases Empirica

    “Empirica revisits the grand style of Ancient Rome (and adds a touch of French influence as well) to build a modern family, projecting grace and authority.”
  22. Earlier
  23. Thank you for your fast response
  24. Some version of DIN with an |I| replacing the |1| and apostrophes from a different typeface.
  25. Ralf Herrmann

    Postgraduate open day in Reading

    The Department of Typography & Graphic Communication warmly invites prospective MA applicants to visit us for a postgraduate open day. The open day will be held in the Department on Thursday 28 February 2019 from 11.00–15.00. It’s a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the specialist postgraduate study routes we offer through exploring the work of past and present students and talking to our subject experts in Book Design, Communication Design, Creative Enterprise, Information Design, and Typeface Design. We’re also planning some talks that incorporate highlights from our world-renowned Collections and give you a taste of teaching and research at Reading. We look forward to sharing with you exciting developments about how we’ve refreshed our postgraduate taught programmes to build a stronger, integrated typographic foundation for research and practice across all programmes and specialist pathways. We’ve introduced a new general Communication Design pathway to complement our well-known established pathways in Book Design, Information Design and Typeface Design. These four specialist pathways are all offered as part of our newly renamed MA Communication Design – the ideal degree for anyone wishing to develop their professional practice within a world-class research environment. Postgraduate student Darryl Lim looking at student displays of work including digital and printed projects In addition to the practice-intensive pathways for the MA Communication Design programme, we also offer a multidisciplinary Creative Enterprise programme and two research-intensive programmes. Our MA Creative Enterprise is designed for individuals who wish to combine their study of research and practice in Communication Design with studies of management and law for the creative sector. Our MA Research Typography & Graphic Communication is the ideal route to prepare you for independent research and doctoral study and our MRes Typeface Design is a bespoke route for experienced, practicing typeface designers who want to develop a deeper understanding of the historical and theoretical aspects of their field. http://typography.network/2018/12/04/join-us-for-our-february-2019-postgraduate-open-day/
  26. “The fonts (one variable font or 194 single-style fonts) are provided for free, for a limited time, without any artistic aspirations, assumptions of originality, or kerning. I hope you will have as much fun using them as I had designing them. — David”
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