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  2. Ralf Herrmann

    answered Looking for this Juvo font

    It’s probably custom—at least all the flare serifs. You would have to redraw it if they are no original vector files.
  3. Yesterday
  4. The first one is Bulgary. The secondary one is Mystery Quest: download at MyFonts
  5. Agreed the bowl's of the 'd' are different as well as the 'o's. I still reckon it could be the work of Arthur Baker, he was an excellent calligrapher. Beautiful work though by an obvious master.
  6. Gecko

    Room on the Broom: cover of UK version

    So I just did a quick search for A.Gophmann and here is the answer according to Luc Devroye: http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-43962.html Alexandra Leopoldovna Gophmann Russian designer of typefaces who collaborates with Ivan Zeifert and specializes in revivals, cyrillizations and beautiful digitizations, some of them done with Anatole Gophmann. There have been complaints about her practice of borrowing fonts from type designers without asking. One typophile writes: I have cracked open fonts she claims as hers, Bolero, Bickham and others, she has copied and pasted glyphs, copyright data, added Cyrillic and changed the copyright string. As an example, Angelica is a copy of Alejandro Paul's Miss Fajardose. Alejandro has drawn the numerals in his font in 2004 to accompany the letters found in an old catalog of alphabets. There is no other source of the numerals, and Angelica has them. Michael Clark writes: I initiated a battle with the illustrious Alexandra "Bitch" from Russia who has renamed Pouty (FontBureau) and copyrighted [it as] Bolero. She and her partner Anatoly shithead. Available on Fonts101.com for anyone who wants it free. The ass's site, Jagdesh, is in Pakistan and we cannot touch him. 260+ viewings and 140+ downloads. Let's see that is 1400$ I will never see! Others have complained as well about her practice of taking and extending fonts without permission. The cyrillization would explain those extra glyphs.
  7. Hi everybody, The Municipality of the city where I live has installed giant letters on a square to stimulate its attractiveness. I find their shapes quite strange, but I am not an expert. And you what is your opinion about this typography? Thank you for your answers Woody
  8. When you work with text on a computer, you can easily get into the situation, that you need to use a certain character, but you don’t know which of your fonts support this character. So what do you do? Just try out every font one by one? Well, let’s look at a few ways to do this a little bit more efficiently.
  9. Last week
  10. You are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you kindly,
  11. Riccardo Sartori

    Machine Learning Font by NaN

  12. Ralf Herrmann

    answered Typeface from 1680-1710

    The linked font was of questionable legality, so I removed it. The original for this design should be: download at MyFonts
  13. It looks to me like Impact Italic has been customised with some slashes added by the design team and the numbers thickened. https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/impact/t/
  14. Ralf Herrmann

    Amsterdam Typography Map

    “Amsterdam Typography is a project by Arno Verweij that explores Amsterdam through the lens of typography. The project sprung from a longtime interest in the typography that can be found throughout the city …”
  15. Ralf Herrmann

    Blanchard by Commercial Classics

  16. Riccardo Sartori

    Looking for bitmap font from NASA Hubble early 1990s

    Most likely a custom font built in the machine they were using. There are plenty of recreations or original designs that mimic that pixel/bitmap/terminal/raster look, but possibly none that would be an exact match (examples: [1]; [2]; [3] here you can also make your own). A similar one, but constructed on a smaller grid, could be Pixel Tandysoft (low bar on |G|, seriffed |B|D|, but wrong |O|).
  17. “Over my 19-year career as a designer, I’ve amassed quite a nice collection of books on typography. Some have been more useful than others.”
  18. It’s not a font. It’s lettering made for this specific purpose. It shouldn’t be too hard to find this lettering for sale or as a vector file. But I guess a Ford forum would be a better place to ask. Alternatively, graphic designers and sign makers should be able to create a digitization from a good image of the lettering. (The decal I linked before is not done very well.)
  19. Ralf Herrmann

    Queens by Kilotype

  20. Ralf Herrmann

    Archeron Pro by Mostardesign

  21. Ralf Herrmann

    Cosima by Anita Jürgeleit

  22. Ralf Herrmann

    Sinter by Signal Type Foundry

  23. Thank you Riccardo. Perfect !
  24. Bigspams

    answered pizza herta font

    Thank you Riccardo, you are a killer !
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