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  • Aperture | Definition and Translations

    An aperture is the opening between the counter and the outside of the letter.
    (Note: In contrast to what over online sources show or say, aperture really only describes the opening, not the inner/enclosed space of the letter. Those are counters.)


    German: Öffnung einer Punze
    Italian: Apertura
    Polish: prześwit
    Portuguese: Abertura
    Russian: апертура
    Spanish: apertura
    Turkish: (açık) oda
    Ukrainian: Апертура

    Related Term(s): Counter

    Ralf Herrmann By Ralf Herrmann ()
    Contributors: Riccardo Sartori Fernando Díaz Yevgen  Sadko CAST Diogo Ramos Moreira Przemysław Sakrajda Сергей Пономаренко tipografi

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