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  • Centered [text alignment] | Definition and Translations

    Text that is aligned to neither the left nor right margin. There is an even gap on each side of each line.


    Dutch: gecentreerd
    French: centré
    German: zentrierter Satz
    Italian: Centrato
    Polish: justowanie centralne (w osi)
    Portuguese: Centralizado
    Russian: выключка по центру
    Spanish: Centrado, bandera centrada

    Ralf Herrmann By Ralf Herrmann ()
    Contributors: Gizzmo Xavier Álvarez Alexis B. Fernando Díaz CAST Diogo Ramos Moreira Przemysław Sakrajda bussket

    User Feedback

    Riccardo Sartori


    Why the difference in term presentation?

    “Centered text alignment” as opposed to just “Flush left”, “Flush right”, “Justified”.

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    David John Lewis


    Would it be possible to include Standard English (used in the UK, Australia and parts of Asia) as well as American English, so this would be ‘centred’.

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