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  • Punctuation | Definition and Translations

    The practice, action, or system of inserting points or other small marks into texts, in order to aid interpretation; division of text into sentences, clauses, etc.


    Dutch: interpunctie
    French: ponctuation
    German: Zeichensetzung (Interpunktion)
    Italian: punteggiatura ([segni di] interpunzione)
    Norwegian: Tegnsetting
    Polish: interpunkcja
    Russian: пунктуа́ция
    Spanish: Signos de puntuación
    Turkish: Noktalama İşareti

    Ralf Herrmann By Ralf Herrmann ()
    Contributors: Riccardo Sartori Fernando Díaz Przemysław Sakrajda Frode Helland Сергей Пономаренко tipografi

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